Webinar: VxRail Disaster Recovery = active/active, active/passive (ENG)

Webinar: VxRail Disaster Recovery = active/active, active/passive (ENG)

03.04.2020 Godzina 11:00


Take part in the webinar from the new
Transformation Experts Academy series powered by Dell Technologies.
Within the Academy, we run from 3 to 4 webinars during one day
– everyone of them will bring up to 45 minutes of the best quality content, as well as Q&A session.

If you wonder how to implement IT Business Continuity and would like to:

  • know – how does VxRail Disaster Avoidance work
  • check – which types of failure could it survive
  • see – how would it react to whole DataCenter shut down

this session is just for you.

Quick, brief, to the point.

Start: 03.04.20, 11:00

Host: Maciej Plona, Senior vArchitect, Dell Technologies
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